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The GOLD standard in luxury comfort reserved by luxury hotels and resorts for their suites. Cloud 9 has a whopping 39.5cm of luxury comfort designed to pamper their prestigious guests. It starts at the topmost with luxurious cashmere jacquard ticking that feels silky soft and cool. Beneath it are layers of Pillow top with memory and convoluted foam and Euro top with high density foam and padding. Completing the luxury comfort with Zees Dual Comfort 3-zone independent pocketed spring system that delivers the optimal support that is responsive to each unique body. Cloud 9 is rated the #1 Hoteliers Special Select for ultra-luxurious spring mattress category.

Choose Cloud 9:

  • If you are looking for perfect balance of luxurious comfort and support.
  • If your partner has a different preferred sleeping position. Finally both of you can sleep comfortably together on the same premium spring mattress.
  • $2,400.00


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2 x Zees Downlite Microfiber Pillow

1 x Zees Waterproof Mattress Protector

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  • Queen 152cm x 190cm x 39.5cm (15.6")
  • Weight: 48.5kg
  • Special select for executive suites in 5-stars hotels and luxury resorts
  • Bekaert Deslee luxurious cashmere jacquard ticking (Fire Retardant compliance BS7177)
  • Pillow Top consisting a memory foam and convoluted foam layer
  • Euro Top consisting 2 layers of high density form
  • Support Layer consisting of high density padding
  • Zees dual comfort 3-zone independent pocketed spring system with high carbon wire at 250coil/m2 for light weight and high durability
  • High density foam encasement
  • Anti-slip base fabric
  • Fire retardant treated yarn

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