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2 x Zees Downlite Microfiber Pillow

1 x Zees Waterproof Mattress Protector

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For Hoteliers

The most valuable service for your hotel guests

The fact remains true that hotel guests spend the longest time in their rooms versus any other facilities on the hotel premises. 75% would snooze at least 5 hours on their hotel beds. According to a study of 1,000 people on social media conducted by Mattress Advisor, 80.6% of the respondents overwhelmingly said a comfortable bed was the single most important feature in a hotel room. International luxury hotels spend much effort and money to deliver a memorable sleep experience to have their guests keep coming back. They further complete the sleep experience on their priced asset with elaborated Turndown Service.

Customise your needs with Zees

Whether you are an international hotel or a boutique hotel in Singapore, you can trust the Zees team to tailormade memorable sleep experience to your guests. The team consists of dynamic idealists having years’ of experience working with hoteliers to design and deliver a memorable sleep experience to their guests. We work with you to customise your unique blend of sleep experience and beautifully embroidered with your corporate logo to enhance your branding.

Hotels and resorts where Zees mattress bring luxury comfort to their guests

Zees is proud to be the preferred supplier to more than 200 hotels and more are working with us to deliver
their unique sleep experience for their guest.

Fix an appointment with us today to enchance your guests' sleep experience. We
guarantee that they will love you!